Yuragi is the heroine of the series.
She's the only relevant female character and because of her beauty, she's beloved and admired by a lot male students of the school.
She has the power to heal the ijuries of the others and it's called "white hand". Singing a song she's able to use it and that's not magic but part of her energy. This is the reason why, when Yuragi uses a major part of her power, she feels weak.

She says that humans has created her and humans has killed her. She was like a doll for them.
She was sleeping into a laboratory and it's thanks to Nanao, Kisa and Nanten, if she was awaken from her sleep.
Her past is unknown but Instuctor Irie left her joining the school, as a normal student.

She's kind and quiet, the kind of girl that always try to save everyone and that considers her friends as her most importnat treasure.
She's pure and with her kindness, she always try to make smile her friends, also, to help them with all herself.

Yuragi loves nature and all the creatures, so she adore Sairi and she feels sad if an animal is sick, and always tries to heal it with her power.

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