Hello! Welcome to "I'll become the kind of Princess able to save herself", the TAFL and TFL approved fanlisting dedicated to the adorable Amagi Yukiko , a heroine from the popular game and anime Persona 4 (better known ad Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4), created and developed by Atlus and Square Enix!

Yukiko is my favorite character since always~
She looks elegant and serious, but she has a golden and pure heart, and who knows her can't see but a sweet, sensitive person always ready to help the others.
I love her root the most, and I think that the development of her personality is one of the most meaningful of the series, because he becomes able to change her own vision of the world and of herself.

Her family runs a ryokan (a traditional, Japanese hotel), and she help her parents since always, even renouncing to have fun together with Chie, her best friend.
Yukiko always thought to be prisoner of a destiny chosen by her parents, but she dreamed to be saved by Chie, that she considered like a sort of prince.
Thanks to Narukami and Yosuke (and obviously, Chie herself) she understands that the only one that can save herself is her, and with a new light into the heart, she faces her fears and the realty, becoming the real owner of her destiny and happiness~

I adore Yukiko and I consider her the best chatacter of the series, because her will to change and to transform her prison in a precious treasure is one of the most beautiful things that made Persona 4 a little masterpiece!

A huge thanks to the kind Ava, that let me adopted this fanlisting in July 2012! Thank you with all the heart!! I'll take care of this site forever! :)

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Kujikawa Rise

Koshimizu Ami (Kukiko's Voice Actress)
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