Yayoi is a kind but very unsure girl who likes a lot to draw, and she's very skilled. She's so shy that she usually doesn't even show her draws to anyone, because she thinks they're not good enough. It is thanks to her friends and to the fact that she became a Pretty Cure that she started to gain a little bit of courage. She will always remain the crybaby of the group, but she is always there when it is needed, especially if the matter is to save her precious friends, for which she would even die if necessary. Even when she fights in Cure Peace's shoes, she always remains herself, but she never surrender, even in difficult battles!

   She has a mother that she loves a lot, and unfortunately her father died when she was only a child. It was her father who decided which was the name she would have, and it was Yayoi because it was a sping, kind and delicious name, exacly like the one of her mother. Her father would like her to be exactly kind and happy as her mother, so he decided this was a perfect name for her.

   As Cure Peace, her power is the thunder.

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