Name: Akira
Birthday: 11th December
Blood: B
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 57 kg
Foot: 25 cm
Arms: 2 knives of 21 cm, their edge is trasparent like the glass.
Hobbies: Sleeping, Going to the Cinema, Buying CDs, Making fun of Kengo, Reading English books.
Particular Abilities: Playing the guitar and piano, speaking English, Having rows, sleeping all the day, giving sensless orders (to Kengo).




Akira is a cold and antisocial student that lives his life without a goal, simply following the day like a shadow follows a person. One day his life is convulsed by the apparition of a mysterious creature named Shirogane, that in order to save Akira's life, transform him in a shin, a creature like him that fights evil enemies named kokuchi with a dark power.
A shin is a shadow, so now Akira can't be human anymore and his life becames very intense, because he's forced to fights in order to help Shirogane and free the city from the kokuchi.

Akira doesn't know that he isn't a simply shin and before his transformation, he wasn't a simply human. He's the reincarnation of the king of the rei, creatures of light opposite to the shin. Akira's destiny is remember Ryuko's past and save the world becoming the true himself... but the way to reach his goal is long and difficult, because every human, shin or rei has a double in another world, and he must fight with enemies still stronger and near to his major enemy, Homurabi, king of the shin.

But Akira isn't alone, his friends fight with him and they're his major support in every situations. Kengo, Aya, Koh and Shirogane are part of his team and day by day he'll meet new enemies and creatures that will be part of his life, like Lulu,a pretty girl that left Homurabi's team after the lost match against Aya. In order to save Lulu's life, Akira agrees to leave her the chance to be part of the team.

But Akira hides a lot of mysteries that we can't image, as his past and his family. Why is he that cold since he was a baby? I can't wait to know it!

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