Hi! Welcome to "Black Shadow of the WHITE KING", the official TAFL approved fanlisting for Nikaido Akira, the hero of the amazing manga Monochrome Factor!

Akira is a cold and antisocial student that lives his life without a goal, simply following the day like a shadow follows a person. One day his life is shocked by the apparition of a mysterious creature named Shirogane, that in order to save Akira's life, transforms him in a shin, a creature like him that fights evil enemies named kokuchi with a dark power. But Akira's real nature is another one and fighting, day by day, he'll find the truth not only about Shirogane and his mysterious power, but about himself too.

He's one of the most complicated characters I've ever seen and I love him since the first time I read the manga!
His personality is lunatic and bored, he's a hot-headed boy that hides a deep sadness behind a cold and serious aspect. Girls are crazy for him but nothing can touch his heart. He's protective with his friends and loves playing the piano, singing, speaking English and cats!
What is he hiding?

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