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    Yay... finally I finished to make this layout. It is kinda simple, but I was always unsure about patterns, brushes and similar, but I'm happy of the final result~❤ I want to thank Dorothy for the help with any kind of question I asked! >w<❤ And for the chibis I used in the footee! *--*

    People who read the novels will surely think "Wtf is making Fiamma there?" I thought that this images is okay there, so it is! XD Mah, at the end, I really wanted to dedicate something to these wonderful series of light novels of which I definitely fell in love! ❤_❤ And I'm curious to see how it will continue. Aaaah, and I wanted to insert a better image for Hamazura, but that's what I could do at the moment! XD

    If you are a fan, please, don't hesitate to join! *--*




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February 23, 2013: Added some new anime & manga codes... I'm planning to make more and more of them! :D
January 31, 2013:
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