Hello! Welcome to "Soul on Stage", the TFL and TAFL approved fanlisting dedicated to Kujo Tenn , one of the sexiest creatures of the universe and the charismatic center of the idol group TRIGGER, from the series and rhythm game IDOLiSH7, created and developed by Bandai Namco Online and Tanemura Arina, who made the character design!

Tenn is the most brilliant male idol I've ever seen. He has a keen personality and a natural talent for dancing and singing. He's voiced by Saito Soma, and every word that comes from his mouth is delicious.
I'm always surprised of the kind of strange spell he's able to make on me, because I'm totally in love with him, so in love with him that I feel like I'm hypnotized.
He has a controversial and complicated personality that makes him cold at the appearance, but he truly is full of any kind of feelings.

What Tenn loves the most is performing on the stage, and since he's a perfectionist, he's the kind of person that will do everything to reach his goal, even if that means making sacrifices. He's so resolute that he's fearless and the only thing that scares him is deluding his fans.
His love for fans is surely something special, everyone is important for him.
And I love so much his relation with Ryunosuke and Gaku, they're amusing! And I hope that one day Tenn and Riku will be able to perform on the stage together, because even if Tenn has always been Riku's hero, now the two of them are idol at the same way!

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