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    When I saw Ryu for the first time was in August when the game was about to be released. I thought that among all the characters that were there, he was my best match... even though I really didn't know him properly. Let's say it was a matter of feeling as when you say "MYGODHE'SMYTYPE.". When I could download the game and play, it was only because I wanted to strongly understand what kind of man he was and at the end... I ended up falling in love with him... MADLY. Even if some (or many...?) circumstances about him are unknown, I can say for sure that his personality is precious. What you see about him is a fuc*ing sexy long man (sorry Tenn for stealing part of your vision but that's what he is XD) that makes you faint only with his appearance... and he has a very mellow voice. And beautiful eyes. And he's usually drunk— no that's not it. The surface is not everything! Truth is that he's a SWEET AND ADORABLE man WHO I WANT TO KEEP ALWAYS WITH ME. But I can't. He's so shy and green that everytime he's bullied I'd like to hug him with all my might. But I just can't. He's kind and tries to do his best for his friends (and even for the friends of his friends) . He's always there saying things like "I'll do my best for Tenn and Gaku!" or "I'll make them win!" or "I'll support them!" RYU YOU'RE JUST SO... so... adorable. He's embarrassed easily and playing the part of the sexy man is so difficult for him, but— he did it because of those known/unknown circumstances that I won't say here. BUT DEFINITELY I WANT TO HOLD HIM TIGHT with the result of "MURI MURIIII" *sees Ryu flying away*. I forgot to mention that I love his hair. ♡ And I'm waiting to read the manga by Tanemura Arina "TRIGGER - before the radiant glory -" to know more about him. AAAAH I CAN'T WAIT.

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October 02, 2016: I updated the cards section... There are still some I need to upload, but they became so many I have to sort them. I'll do it tomorrow - hopefully.
March 17, 2016:
The cards section is complete... for two or three days, but still...! XD
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The fanlisting is up! ❤

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