Sora Naegino


  • Romeo and Juliet - Rabbit (Supporting Cast)
  • Cinderella - Clown (Supporting Cast) and then Fairy Godmother (Alongside Anna and Mia)
  • The Diabolo Battle - Competed With Rosetta, Rosetta wins
  • The Little Mermaid - Mermaid (Lead, partnered with Anna as the Prince)
  • Arabian Nights - Pirate Captain (Lead, partnered with Layla)
  • Theatrical Camp - Guest Appearance
  • Freedom - Lead, partnered with Layla
  • The Legendary Great Maneuver - Lead, partnered with Layla
  • Sayuki - Princess (Lead, partnered with Leon), Son Goku (replaces Leon at one point)
  • Dracula - Skating Vampire (Supporting Cast alongside Anna and Mia)
  • Salome In Vegas - Background Character (Supporting Cast alongside May)
  • Exhibition Show - Monkey (Lead, performed with Rosetta and May)
  • Swan Lake - Odette (Lead, partnered with Leon)
  • The Princess Without A Smile - Prince (Lead, partnered with Rosetta)
  • Legend of Phoenix - Lead
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