Name: Shusei
Surname: Usui
Knows as: "Who can see everything"
Owner of: The Eye of God
Abilities: Vision of the future
Blood Type: 0
Birthday: January, 5th
Height: 179 cm
Seiyuu: Miyano Mamoru


Shusei is like a prince for the girls. He owns The Eye of God, a power that makes him able to see all. Because of this, he's called "Who can see everything".
Shusei's character and personality know a real development in the story, because he hides his deepest emotions in his heart and only thanks to the help of Yuki and his other friends, he understands how important is fight for something and to have someone that always will fight for you and your sake. He appears since the 5th chapter of Uraboku, in the 1st volume.
He's cold and quiet but strong and incisive. He's totally devoted in Hotsuma's reguards, he's his partner and he always risks his life in order to protect not just him but all his friends. Since he's elegant and charming all the girls of the school consider him a sort of prince, but his heart is totally unreachable, it's as he could hides his emotions behind a mask of indifference for the world and the people.
He never smile, but when he makes it, he's beautifu. And his smily face is the most sweet, like the one of a child! Shuusei's past is sad and he always holds the weight of to be Hotsuma's partner as the scars he has in his body, result of his sacrifices in order to save Hotsuma's life. Shuusei risked his life in order to protect him even when they were children too, and Hotsuma considers him his best friend and a brother. I love his passion for books, he uses megane in order to read and I love him in those moments!

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