Thinking of the graphic of this site, my first thought gone to an image of Shion that is crying for Satoshi.
Their relation is ver tragic, I've always imaged them as a sort of Romeo and Juliet for two reasons.

The first one is because of their atual conditions:
Shion is a Sonozaki and Satoshi is a Houjou, two of the most important family of Hinamizawa that years ago fighted in order to didn't construct a dam that could destruct the country.
The winner were the Sonozakis, so the Houjou has considerated as betrayals of the country, because they wanted to contruct the dam in order to give a job to a lot of people that in that period were too poor to live.

Hinamizawa's population never accepted the decision of the Houjous and when Satoshi's parents died, Satoko and him remained alone and treated as betrayal, exactly as their parents.
Shion falls in love with him since the first time they met, and when she finds the truth about Satoshi's story, she understands that her family won't give to her the permission to love him.

They fall in love at the first sight and even if Shion pretends to be Mion in order to stay together with him (because she hadn't the permission to stay in Hinamizawa), they can't stop to be in love with the other one.
So, isn't it the situation of Romeo and Juliet?

The second reason is that their destiny is very similar to the one of Romeo and Juliet, because Satoshi is in a coma because of Hinamizawa's syndrome, and Shion decides to wait for him forever.
In Meakashi-hen, the arc of Higurashi in which we know Shion's story, she decides to kill everyone is involved in Satoshi's dissappearance, even her sister, her grand-mother, Keiichi and who she tought to be the culprit.
At the end she died and finally she can reach him.
This is another analogy with Romeo and Juliet, that join death in order to stay with the other one.

And these are the reason why I did a lot of banners for the graphic of this site and part of them are very sad.

Shion loved the moments in which Satoshi stroked her head and I wanted to insert that scene everytime I can. Isn't it absolutely adorable?
Definitely, I think that looking at all my job, really you can understand my feelings for Satoshi and Shion and how intense and tragic I consider their relation.

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