Hoshi wa Utau's story focuses on Shiina Sakuya, a very nice and kind girl who loves to watch the stars.

    Her apparently normal school life will be devasted by the visit of Aoi Chihiro in the house where she lives with Miyako Kanade in the day of her birthday. She didn't really know who was that boy, but she thought he was a friend of Kanade. She will soon find out that he was a stranger to both of them, but she couldn't help herself to fall in love with him, up to the moment in which she will see him again and he will tell her that he hates her. Sakuya won't lose heart and will try to make him a friend, at least, when she finds out that he's attending her same school.

    With the help of her best friend Honjou Hijiri {Sei-chan} and her friend Murakami Yuuri, Sakuya will continue to smile without trying to take care of her sad side, that she tries to don't show to anyone. Even if she has a very fragile personality, her stubbornness will lead her to do always her best, with her school club too.

    Full of love, rage, sadness and happiness from all the characters, the story will go on, and I really can't wait to see how! :D

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