You reached Shining Star, the fanlisting and tribute to Shiina Sakuya, the main character of the sweet series Hoshi wa Utau by Takaya Natsuki!

    At first, I want to thank with all my heart the kind and cute Veronica who let me adopt it in April 2010! *--* Thank you a lot for giving me this chance. I'll take care of this fanlisting for the rest of my life! *-* And thank you Dorothy to inform me! >_<♥ Sakuya-chan is a character that I like very much and that I particularly estimate, especially for her optimism! *--*

    If you are a fan of her, please, don't esitate to join!! :D




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April 17, 2010: Added the about section, the members list, the affiliates and the donated codes! Thanks again, Veronica! *-*
April 16, 2010:
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