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About Rimi


Name: Rimi
Surname: Sakihata
Age: 16
Height: 158 cm
Weight: 46 kg
Birthday: July, 3
Constellation: Cancer
Birthstone: Ruby
Blood Type: B
Favorite: Buckwheat
Seiyuu: Eri Kitamura



Rimi is the main female character of the series, and she appears since the first moment in the game and in the anime.
She's an energic, cheerful and strong girl that opens Takumi's eyes making him able to unserstand his real nature and identity.
She's in love with Shogun and in a first moment she decides to doesn't reveal the truth to Takumi, but just be his allies to help him to find his real power and his Di Sword, because until that moment Takumi lived his life as a normal, pervert student that hates the world. His only desire was plying videogames and visual novels that have as protagonist his idol, Seira-tan.
Rimi shows to him a realty that Takumi can't image, and she's always been sweet with him, so, since Rimi is the one that always helped him even fighting with her hands and risking her life, Takumi felt in love with her.
She calls him "Taku" and he thought that the reason was that she was close to him, but realty Rimi's motivation was that she loved the real Takumi, Shogun, and she called him "Taku" just to make a difference between them.
Rimi's true intentions were save Shogun, but day by day she understands to love Takumi, and at the end they fight together for an happy ending of their love.
Rimi's major fear is be alone in darkness, because when she was a baby she was tortured and that memory is her weak-point.
Takumi proves to love her with the heart and he prefers her than the rest of the world, so Rimi is a lucky girl that find love doesn't searching for it.

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