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Hi! Welcome to "Sono me... Dare no me?", a shrine and the official TAFL and TFL approved fanlisting for Sakihata Rimi , the heroine of the game, manga and anime Chaos;HEAd, created by Nitroplus (PC game) and Madhouse (anime)!

Rimi is a cheerful and smily character that hides many sectres (and also, important aspects of herself) behind a cute and sweet apparence. She's one of the seven knights designed to destruct the organization know as N.O.Z.O.M.I., that menaces the world with its new technology, it is about artificial illusions installed in peoples' brains.
In order to protect a person and fight her enemies, Rimi uses a sword named Di-Sword, that creates illusions and that will destruct N.O.Z.O.M.I.'s plans.

I think that Rimi-chan is one of the cutest and (for many aspects) complete characters I've ever seen (she isn't totally "good" or "evil", not for justice or moral, she's just the type of person that follows her heart in each situation), I adore her personality and I'm very happy to own her fanlisting!


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