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Takumi is the most important person for Rimi because he's the one that shows her the meaning of love and how can be strong your determination if you want to protect the person that you love.
In a first moment he thought that Rimi was the culprit of the assassinations in the city, but the figure he saw was an illusion, the real Rimi is who fights for the saveness of the real world.
He calls her "akuma onna" but knowing her and finding the truth about the real himslef (that is Shogun), he learns to be strong and at the end Rimi and him have two finals, one good and one bad.

  1. Final of the Game: GOOD ENDING
    Rimi saves Takumi and Shogun and him become an unique person, so Rimi and him now can stay together and finally he finds the courage to say to her how he loves the girl that always saved him. They share a sweet kiss under the serene blue sky and the scene is very cute, because since that day they can face life together with optimism.
  2. Final of the Game: BAD ENDING
    Rimi and Takumi rescue the world and he confesses to her his feelings. But Rimi is constricted to kill him because he's the cause of the troubles in the world, so under the rain, she kills him with her Di Sword. Takumi's body disappears in Rimi's arms and while it's raining, Rimi cries for him.
  3. Final of the Anime: GOOD ALTERNATIVE ENDING
    It's the same of the bad ending of the game but at the end the power of love makes the sky blue again and Rimi and Takumi understand that the world is safe, so finally they can stay together.


Since Shogun is the real Takumi, he's the person that Rimi loves.
She's very devoted to him and she pretends with Takumi in order to doesn't revail Shogun's real identity. Shen he dies Rimi understands that she needs to do her best to help Takumi to find his Di Sword and fighting the battle against his fear of himself and the N.O.Z.O.M.I.


Rimi calls her "Nana-chan", so we can assume that they're very close friends, but their relation is reveled just when nanami is captured by N.O.A.O.M.I. and Rimi hurries to save her.


Rimi is protective in Kozu-pi's reguards, and we can understand this looking at a scene in which during a heart-wave, Rimi protects her. Kozu-pi likes Rimi and even if she can't explain it with words, her smiles for her are beautiful and sweet.


Rimi and Sena share a fight in which Rimi protects Takumi. Sena wants to kill him but Rimi tries to show Takumi that she's by his side, so a battle against Sena is necessary. They haven't a real relation but since they're nakama, there's a sort of "respect" from the two sides.


There's no a real relation between them, they're schoolmates and Yua likes Takumi, but in the development of the story she understands his feelings for Rimi and she leaves him to her, knowing that a competition isn't possible.


It's very hilarious looking at the realtion between these two girls, because the series shows us a relation between two nakama, but official images and 4koma show another side of Rimi and Fe's friendship. They're unites as Di Sword users but Rimi has a real compless in Fes' boobs reguards, they're so big! XD

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