Name: Ranko
Surname: Kanzaki
Birthday: April, 8
Age: 14
Height: 156 cm
Sizes: B81 / W57 / H80
Blood Type: A
Handedness: Right-handed
Color: Purple
Main Attribute: Cool
Hobbies: Drawing, Reading
Seiyuu: Uchida Maaya



As an idol who dresses in the gothic lolita style almost exclusively, Ranko possesses a wild imagination, claiming to wield magical powers and speaks in the manner of an evil empress. Although she communicates in fantastical terms, her lines are always accompanied by a sort of mental translation to reveal what she really means, proving that Ranko is just an ordinary girl with shy traits.
The real Ranko is a scared little girl with low self-esteem. The persona seen by her fans and friends is a fantasy constructed to conceal her insecurities. She hopes to ultimately forever bury her true personality. The Producer is aware of this and tries to prevent Ranko from completely erasing everything that she once was. She is terrified of horror movies, to the point she'll hide in a corner or breakdown into tears. Ranko likes the gothic elements, but not the horror side and is especially afraid of ghosts. Her chuunibyou identity is a vampiric fallen angel with supremacy over “darkness”. Her powers originate from an evil monster to whom she is forever bound, and the Producer is that elder god's sealed mortal avatar.
Her lines sound like gothic nonsense to others. For example she might exclaim, "savor the darkness," which is her way of saying, "good work". Cursing the "tyranny of the sun" (in the manner a vampire would), is her way of saying, "good morning". Her catch phrase seems to be "Drown in the Darkness!". While she talks of demon worship, corrupting angels, and the supremacy of darkness, Ranko is as innocent as many of her fellow idols. Not all of the Cinderella Girls characters can understand her, so someone will translate her bizarre way of speaking.
Ranko has a high pitched, somewhat annoying cackle that goes, "nya, ha, ha, ha!". Her sketchbooks act as a secret diary, where she illustrates all her chuunibyou ideas and innermost thoughts. She sometimes lets the Producer look at them, but only if that sketchbook doesn't contain anything about her feelings for him. She believes herself to be a terrible artist and quickly gets embarrassed if someone sees her sketchbook (though it might have more to do with being a diary as well). Ranko is usually portrayed as talented at drawing. She's also an avid reader.


Information Source: IMAS Wiki

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