The plot focuses on Akane Tsunemori, a new Inspector of Unit One, a police unit from the Public Safety Bureau's Criminal Investigation Division. As an Inspector, she hunts criminals alongside a special team of so-called latent criminals called Enforcers. Both Enforcers and Inspectors use large handguns called "Dominators", special weapons designed to fire only on those with a higher-than-acceptable Crime Coefficient. Even though Akane is ashamed of shooting the Enforcer Shinya Kogami during her first mission to protect a latent criminal, Kogami thanks her for stopping him from becoming a murderer which convinces Akane to stay. During some of Akane's first investigations, the group learns of a mastermind behind multiple crimes, Shogo Makishima. Being Criminally Asymptomatic (Menzai Taishitsu), Makishima's criminal psychology yields a low Crime Coefficient, thus rendering him safe from the Dominator.

The Enforcers and Inspectors start working to hunt down Makishima who aims to destroy the society created by the Sibyl System. In order to do this he causes riots in the city to draw police away from the Health and Welfare Ministry's Nona Tower facility where Sibyl is located. Akane and Kogami manage to stop Makishima's forces while Enforcer Shūsei Kagari follows one of Makishima's allies to the tower. There, Bureau Chief Joshu Kasei kills Makishima's ally as well as Kagari to keep the true form of Sibyl a secret. Kasei reveals to Makishima that Sibyl is a hivemind of similarly asymptomatic individuals and wishes for him to join the system; but the criminal escapes. Realizing the truth behind Makishima's escape, Kogami leaves the group to kill him. Akane is later directly contacted by the Sibyl system who orders her to capture Makishima alive, with her ultimately agreeing to do it should they withdraw the execution order for Kogami. Learning that Makishima plans to execute bioterrorism to weaken Japan's economy and bring the system down, the Criminal Investigation Division goes to search for both Makishima and Kogami. However, despite Akane's efforts, Kogami kills Makishima and is not seen again by his former comrades.


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