Hello! Welcome to "Promise Between True Men", the TAFL and the TFL approved fanlisting dedicated to the relationship between Ishimaru Kiyotaka and Ohwada Mondo , two wonderful characters from the game, manga and anime series Dangan Ronpa, created and developed by Spike Chunsoft, and animated by Studio Lerche!

The relation between Ishimaru and Ohwada is one of the most beautiful thing I love from Dangn Ronpa, because they started hating each other and ended loving each other like brothers.

Ishimaru and Ohwada have opposite personalities: Ishimaru is a perfect student who loves rules, Ohwada is the bad boy who always break them. They are part of two different worlds, but challenging each other in a battle for honour, they understood the truth about themselves, and started to appreciated each other.

After their challenge on the sauna, they started to call each other "kyoudai" (brother), and anything that before made them enemies, now seems to make them friends. Or, at least... it's what they thought before the 2nd case.

Because Ishimaru loved Ohwada with all the heart, as a real brother. But Ohwada's feelings were different, because he has a dark side that Ishimaru didn't know, and... a sad, tragic past that made him schizofrenic. Ishimaru trusted him with all himself, but Ohwada didn't the same with him, because he can't reveal his secret to anyone, Ishimaru too.

And then... the epilogue of their "friendship" was another tragedy.

Anyway... I love these boys and the adorable friendship they share! It's my favorite one from the series and I hope you support it too~

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