Name: Leo
Surname: Tsukinaga
Age: 17
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 53 kg
Birthday: May 5th
Blood: 0
Hair: Orange
Eyes: Green
Handedness: Right-handed (but he can use both of them easily at the same time)
Unit: Knights
Archery Club
He likes: His little sister's lyrics collection
He dislikes: Obstructions to his wildest dreams
Family: Parents and younger sister
Hobby: Composing
Speciality: Improvised dance


Leo is the crazy leader of the unit Knights, and even if he's not part of the Three Oddballs of Yumenosaki Academy, he's pretty much ad honorem member of them.
He's a genius composer who adfirms he's in contact with aliens and he said he was abducted by them, reas why he was away for a year. Anyway, since he lives in a proper, crazy world, it's not that difficult believing that he truly discussess with aliens in his mind.
When he compose, he's always absorbed in his thoughts at the point that he usually loses the sense of realty, even forgetting his name and the place where he is.
At result, his songs are pieces of art, and they're considered treaures from everyone and experts. It's said that there's no way a random or good other song could compete with his ones.

Since Leo is a totally unconventional person, he can be easily misunderstood. Totally hated or totally loved. That's the reason why Tsukasa has a big delusion meeting the leader of his unit, that has nothing in common with the charismatic person he thought Leo could be. So he said that for no reason he would have been accepted Leo as Knighrs leader. At the contrary, Izumi, Arashi and Ritsu still love and respect him as their leader at the point they cal him "ousama". Anyway, even Tsukasa will understand how precious and unique Leo is, and now Knights are a happy and unite unit... at least, until third years graduation.

Leo is really adorable, isn't he? He has the pride, the courage and the strength of a real king and the kind and pure heart of a child. Even if one of his wildest dreams is making things nude, and so he proclaims. himself The Naked King.

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