Name: Orcelito
Surname: Noctircus
Family: Hector (big-brother), Belca (younger half-brother), Musca (younger sister)
Status: Second prince in line for the throne
Personality: Quiet, mature, serious, determinated, rational, caring.
Strongest side of him: his smartness

Orcelito is the quiet and smart second prince of the prestigious Noctircus family, and his personality is very different from the ones of his brothers Hector, Belca and Musca, that have a bad-temper one. He likes books and his dreams are realizing a pacific country and protecting the persons he loves, especially his family.
Apparently he's pure and many times he's represented with white plumes, but this isn't totally the truth, because he's minded to stain his hands if the situation is hopeless. After Hector's death, Orcelito's heart is torn between his role of prince (and the goodness of his country) and his role of brother. Because of these reasons, he always takes his decisions trying to sacrifice himself instead of the others. This is the reason why many times he moves like a schizophrenic, but we can't know if he's really schizofrenic or he's druged by Kiliko Lagen.
Orcelito made a blood path with him because Kiliko wanted to makes him a puppet of the government in order to have a part of power, but Orcelito proposes him another thing: he'll become king and he'll give a big part of power to Kiliko, but saving his country.
Kiliko agrees and now they share a sort of yaoi relationship because of this. XD
Orcelito's personality has a real evolution and even if he's always been mature, now he's more silent than usual and his behaviour is the one of a real king. But his feelings aren't changed, he loves Belca and Musca and he tries to protect them burdening all the faults and bisnessess upon his shoulders.
This situation causes big sufference to him,because he's costrincted to move away Belca and Musca not just only from him but from the castle and the country, always trying alone the way to save them and resolving the difficult situation of the country.


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