A former member and setter of Kitagawa Daiichi. He won the "Best Setter Award" in his prefecture during his 3rd year in Kitagawa Daiichi. As a former upperclassmen and senior setter to Tobio Kageyama, he almost hit him once during a request of Tobio Kageyama to teach him to serve, but was held back by Hajime Iwaizumi.
    Unlike Kageyama's genius setting technique, Oikawa's talent lies in his natural athletic ability, his skill to make full use of his team players, finding weaknesses in the opposite teams, sharp aims, and powerful serves. Within a short span of time on the court, he was able to point out that Tsukishima and Hinata were weak at receiving, and break Kageyama and Hinata's superhuman quick spike attack. This, however, is not without years of dedication and practices, which is probably why he was dumped by his previous girlfriend. His talent is even acknowledged by a top player from Shiratorizawa.

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