Name: Airi
Surname: Ban
Age: 15
Birthday: January, 18th
Passion: Music
Demons: Cait Sith, Lorelei
Seiyuu: Asumi Kana




A 15-year old lively and cheerful girl. A student at Nagoya High school. She hates idiots and seems to be hiding something about her family. She was once very talented at piano, and wanted to play professionally in concerts. However, she came from a working-class family and quit playing piano because of the costs of going to special high schools and private universities, in addition to her parents supporting her. She became a no-nonsense sort of person, and has somewhat a rivalry with Hinako and initially didn't get along with her, constantly bickering with her. She’s the type of person who talks without thinking and then apologizes soon after for being mean.
She cannot die in game as she is needed for the summoning of Kama.
In the anime series, Airi's demon is Cait Sith and later she gains new demon, Lorelei. She died together with Jungo during the battle with Benetnasch. She is revived once the world is restored and is last seen winning a piano competition before visiting Jungo in his shop to show her trophy.



Informations Source: Wikipedia

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