Hello! Welcome to "Can't Stop the Music", the TAFL and the TFL approved fanlisting dedicated to Ban Airi , an adorable and funny character from the series Devil Survivor 2!

Airi is a girl who had to renounce to have a profession of musician because of the financial difficulties of her family, and because of this she became a hot-headed girl with no goals in her life.
The truth is that Airi never stopped to love piano and music, and her biggest desire has always been to become someone able to live making her passion as her job. Thanks to Jungo, Hibiki and her friends she understands how important is believe in the other and never give up, so she decides to try to realize her dream with her own hands!

Airi-chan is a wonderful character and I loved her at once, she's a good example of how wonderful is finding friends that can keep alive your dream, even if you think it's impossible!

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