After being left to Usagi-san's home fom a period in which his brother left for the honeymoon, Misaki is shown as a crazy character. He seems to be very calm when he's alone, but Usagi-san is not the kind of man that would left him alone: in fact it really seems that he's his kind of man, and anytime he can, grabs Misaki and molests him. It is a thing that at the begin bothers a lot Misaki, but after a bit, he will understand his real vocation (though he will always continue to be crazy XD).

    He's a 18 years old boy that attends the first year of university. In his normal life, he's proud, sweet, outgoing, rebellious, but that's not just that. Misaki is almost the pillar of support of all the people that he knew, because, with his power to "aid" the others, he menages to endear everyone and gain trust. It is true, at the same moment, that he is really childish the most of the times, but this is always a side that he developed because of his childhood and his problems in the past (that often reflect themselves in his life). He's the main character of the novel written by Usagi-san, and this thing embarrass him a lot.

    At home, he's kinda a housekeeper: he cleans everythings and cooks delicious dishes! ❤ His favourite fruits are strawberries and cherries... up to the moment in which he would vomit them because of events in his life about Usagi-san's family. XD His behaviour leads him to always be kind with people he doesn't know, and he's always ready to help who needs a hand. He's very ingenuous too, and it is because of this that he always trusts any kind of person who talk with him, but this becomes the most of the times a trouble that he will menage to end becoming furious. When he menages to gain again his personality, he tries always to ask Usagi-san for advices, even if he's vague at most. Misaki is always enthusiastic of things he likes and he can't stop being happy and smiling for them



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