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  WONDERLAND ❤ Miriallia's Fanlisting Collective ❤

❤ ~ WELCOME!!! ~ ❤

    This is Wonderland, Miriallia's fanlisting collective~!

    After an infinite amount of time, I finally menaged to make a new layout for my collective! ❤ This time I couldn't find something suitable about Lelouch and C.C., what a pity, ne? XD But I love deeply Victorique, and so I decided to make this new layout with her! ❤ I like it a lot, and I love the colours I used too! *--* In comparison to the old collective (and the other ones) this is less "warm", but I think that's sweeter. >_< I hope to keep this layout for a long time too, because I really like it! And I had so many problems when I tried to made it, so I think that every effort I made should be rewarded (?) in some ways! XDD I really hope I'll continue to love fanlistings and my sites as I do it now, this world really let people express themselves. ❤

    I don't have other things to add, so please, enjoy yourself surfing these pages and let me know if you have something to ask~!!

~ ❤ Miriallia

WONDERLAND ❤ Miriallia's Fanlisting Collective ❤



Miriallia loves 633 subjects and owns 339 loved fanlistings.

She has 27 wonderful affiliates
and the total fans across all listings is 9818 with 3 pending.

My fanlisting *--* Thanks a lot, Akira-chan<33

WONDERLAND ❤ Miriallia's Fanlisting Collective ❤

~ ❤ NEWS ❤ ~

  ~ Mikage is surely hot<3
After living very, very tough days, I decided to revamp Mikage's fanlisting, that is for sure far better of the first one! I inserted everything I still had to wrote about him and 07-Ghost! *--* And many other things as images and icons for all his fans!
The link is always the same [THIS], if you have comments or suggestions, just let me know!<3
Posted on 2010 Feb 21 by Miriallia
in Splash,
  ~ Updates again <3
Today I updated Beato & Battler and Beato VS Battler's fanlistings with the image gallery! *--* I updated the relationship part too, I wrote another big paragraph! :D I can't wait the next game to be released, so I can write much more... I hope!! >_<
See you soon!
Posted on 2010 Feb 15 by Miriallia
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  ~ I did it! *_*
Hey there! 
Finally I menaged to finish two fanlistings that are "in the same site". Since I was approved for the rivalry and the relationship between Beato and Battler, I thought to make just a layout for them... But I realized that is a bit confusing like this... @_@ So I think I'll do another layout in the near future! In the meanwhile, feel free to look at them here!
Posted on 2010 Feb 12 by Miriallia
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  ~ Update
Hey! I had the chance to update Ono-san's fanlisting!<3 I really couldn't wait to insert everything in all the categories! And now I can say I'm satisfacted!!<333
Posted on 2010 Feb 05 by Miriallia
in Kurosawa Yamato & Tachibana Mei
  ~ News!
Finally I have a free moment to update my collective!! *--*
Since the last time, I was approved for Shiraishi's fanlisting at TAFL and for Beatrice's at TFL! *--* ♥♥♥ I can't wait to end my exams in order to start writing the about section for Shiraishi and the tribute for Beato!
Since I was rejected for him, Lacus-chan allowed me to co-own Battler's fanlisting! ^//^ Thank you, my friend,  you know how much I adore him and I'll do my best together with you!! *--*♥♥
And last, but not least, Sophie let me adopt Hamlet's fanlisting! Thank you so much for granting this wish!!! *--*♥
Posted on 2010 Jan 25 by Miriallia
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