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❤ ~ WELCOME!!! ~ ❤

    This is Wonderland, Miriallia's fanlisting collective~!

    After an infinite amount of time, I finally menaged to make a new layout for my collective! ❤ This time I couldn't find something suitable about Lelouch and C.C., what a pity, ne? XD But I love deeply Victorique, and so I decided to make this new layout with her! ❤ I like it a lot, and I love the colours I used too! *--* In comparison to the old collective (and the other ones) this is less "warm", but I think that's sweeter. >_< I hope to keep this layout for a long time too, because I really like it! And I had so many problems when I tried to made it, so I think that every effort I made should be rewarded (?) in some ways! XDD I really hope I'll continue to love fanlistings and my sites as I do it now, this world really let people express themselves. ❤

    I don't have other things to add, so please, enjoy yourself surfing these pages and let me know if you have something to ask~!!

~ ❤ Miriallia

WONDERLAND ❤ Miriallia's Fanlisting Collective ❤



Miriallia loves 633 subjects and owns 347 loved fanlistings.

She has 27 wonderful affiliates
and the total fans across all listings is 10052 with 6 pending.

My fanlisting *--* Thanks a lot, Akira-chan<33

WONDERLAND ❤ Miriallia's Fanlisting Collective ❤

~ ❤ NEWS ❤ ~

  ~ Two new characters~
Hey there~
I menaged to finish two fanlistings for TAFL!
The first one is dedicated to Last Order from To Aru Majutsu no Index! _ I'd like to cuddle her, she's ADORABLE!!! *dies* And the other one is for Liselotte from Liselotte to Majo no Mori, the new manga of Natsuki Takaya! *--* This time I chose two lovely girls, even if they're very different, ne? *spreads love*
Posted on 2011 Aug 21 by Miriallia
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  ~ OMG!!!! ❤
JASHKJAHAJSASK I still can't believe to the fact that I was approved for Misa! >w< I tried to do my best with the fanlisting, and I hope that it will be appreciated! ❤
I menaged to crosslist Lion & Will's fanlisting at TAFL! *_*
And... I made another layout for Dorothy's fanlisting! *--*

Take care~
Posted on 2011 Jul 29 by Miriallia
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  ~ Hot... It's hot here... +_+
Summer is really a pain... +_+ But anyway, I menaged to build and to complete some fanlistings~
I was approved for Kuroko's from TAFL! And Kibou let me adopt Haine and Takanari's one! *--* I'm extremely happy for both of them, but especially for the second one, because I was rejected a lot of times for it! >_<
And then... I finally wrote everything I missed in Risa and Riku's fanlisting and in Wako and Takuto's one! >w<

Posted on 2011 Jul 12 by Miriallia
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  ~ Massive update~
I'm glad to update! :D These are the fanlisting I was approved for in the last months! ❤ Three fanlistings are dedicated to two Pretty Cure's series, Suite Precure and Yes! Pretty Cure 5 [Minamino Kanade, Yumehara Nozomi and Nozomi & Coco]! Kanade and Nozomi are my favourite characters from all the Pretty Cure series! ❤ When I saw them I just thought that they're both adorable, even if in different ways~ As for the relationship... ❤ I'm a big shipper of these kind of love stories!
I was approved for
Miki Sayaka from Puella Magi Madoka Magica too! She's really a character that left me without words... I cried a lot at the end of the series, and really, I think she's one of the best and more human characters of the last years. ;___;
And last, but not least...
Are you Alice? 's fanlisting! Well, I LOVE this series!! ❤_❤ And, after reading everything available, I thought to apply, because there was still no fanlisting for it... how possible? All the characters are so... interesting! ❤ But this is a matter of tastes~
About TFL, I menaged to adopt
Marie Antoinette's fanlisting! *----* For me it is like a dream, really!! I was rejected once, so Amanda granted me a huge wish!! Thank you!!
Posted on 2011 May 19 by Miriallia
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  ~ News~
Hi everyone~
I finished all my upcomings! ^o^ I'm so happy that my fanlistings are so appreciated that are visited before they're finished and without posting a link of them! Even if I always say that changing IP doesn't change the fact that I know who's visiting them, so please, stay tuned, and if you're a fan so obstinate, you could join them, once in a while!
Anyway, anyway~ Lelouch's Physical, Kukai and Jono's fanlistings are finished! And I updated Wako's fanlisting too!
See you soon with other updates!
Posted on 2011 Apr 07 by Miriallia
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