They knew each other in a movie theater, where she was touched by a movie that was the one Amata prefered. From that, Amata thought that she was very much alike the main character, and he started to think that she had to know better that girl, because he thought they had a lot of stuff in common. They meet each other on a kind of "date", where they could know better each other.
    They found out that they worked very well together, and after that moment, and the involvement in the Neo-DEAVA Academy and the union made together, their relationship will become always closer... even if Amata always flies for any girl he sees! XD They're always mixed up in any kind of mistake that usually make Mikono getting jealous or angry with him. Anyway, they always understand what's wrong between them, and apologize themselves, so that everything can become as before, and their bond even a stronger one. They usually support each other during every fight, but in everything in their private life. Someone is even starting to think that they're in love... and they were about to kiss each other once and interrupted by Shushu. [I pray that they will finally do something like that before or then... >_>"]



StoryMikono • Mikono & Amata • Coming soon~

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