Mikono is born from a well-known family of elements. Her main problem was that she couldn't develop a power, and because of this, she started to grow up like a crybaby. She was even always protected by her older brother Cayenne. It was because of this that she was usually scared a lot from the Abductors. She used to be kind, sweet and sometimes shy.
    From the moment in which she knew Amata and after joining Neo-DEAVA Academy, she started to become more determined, even if she's usually unsure of herself. In fact, when she joins a fight, she's forced to do her best, up to the moment in which she will understand that her she has to use her power in order to protect the person she loves, and she doesn't just need to be protected by the others. After this, she gained more self-confidence and, though she continued to be insecure, she ended up to understand which is her power that is to connect the other elements.


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