Hello! Welcome to "Electricity tastes like candy", the TAFL approved fanlisting dedicated to Lum , the super cute and also hot-tempered heroine from the series Urusei Yatsura, created and illustrated by the manga queen Takahashi Rumiko!

Lum is one of the first anime characters that I've ever fallen in love since I was a middle school student, and my love for her is still so strong after more that twenty years!

She's a cute alien girl with pure intentions, but a bad temper. She falls in love with a boy that is all but loyal, so she gets angry and punish him with her electric powers. Yeees, Lum loves electricity so much, and she says that it's like candies to her! So that's the reason why I called her fanlisting like this, because she's like electricity too to me, so also, like candies~

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