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    Yay, finally! ♡ I've longed for this fanlisting since the moment I fell in love with this couple almost 10 years ago~ I'm very, very happy to build this site. It seems like a dream!! The relationship between them is - to me - the pillar of the series. In fact, it starts with their contract that will last until the last episode of the second season. It is true that there is almost nothing that's certain about them, but with a simple analysis of the characters, the moments they spent together and the plot, with love we can clearly see that they're lovers. At least, this is how I call them~❤

    Feel free to look around and don't hesitate to join the fanlisting, if you're a fan!


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October 20, 2017: The fanlisting is up! ❤



Shirley Fenette Kallen Stadtfeld (Kozuki Karen) Gino Weinberg & Kallen Stadtfeld (Kozuki Karen) C.C. & Kallen Stadtfeld (Kozuki Karen)
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