Hi! Welcome to "Glorious Knight", the TAFL approved fanlisting for Lantis , a mysterious, valiant and silent character from the famous series Mahou Kishi Rayearth, better known as Magic Knight Rayearth, and also from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle (where he's known as Mazda Lantis), created and illustrated by the awesome CLAMP team!

    Lantis appears in the second part of the manga and in the second season of the anime, after Emeraude and Zagato's death.
He's an excellent swordsman that hides his real feelings and a gentle heart behind a mask of coldness, but meeting Hikaru he understands how important are his feelings, and falls in love with her.
His courage and his loyalty to Sephiro are important components that drive him to fight and to destruct the system of the world, in order to create a new hope in the heart of people.

This fanlisting was originally runned by the kind Veronica , that let me adopt it in April 2010! Thanks with all the heart, dear! :)
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