i! Welcome to "Break your DESTINY", the TAFL approved fanlisting for Hyohbu Kyohsuke , the evil antagonist of the series Zettai Karen Children, created and illustrated by the great Shiina Takashi!

In my personal opinion, Kyohsuke is the most charming characters of the series.
His strong personality and his leadership are two of the major characteristics of him that the girls appreciate very much, like his incredible hypnotic power.
He was a cute and sweet baby and an energic and determinated kid, but after his death, he totally changed, hating the human gender.
Now he has a sort of military rank of major in an organization called P.A.N.D.R.A., that he joined in order to get revenge and command the espers like him to the rebellion, creating a war against the humans. His major opponent is Minamoto Kouichi, the rival in life too.

Kyohsuke always smiles and his face seems happy, but his feelings aren't clear and we can't read his heart, but as always, we can support him, believing to know soon when he'll show his real personality.
I totally love him, so I thought to dedicate to him a little shrine too.

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