Hello! Welcome to "Enchained", the TAFL approved fanlisting dedicated to Kurapika , the mysteryous and controversial avenger from the series Hunter × Hunter, created and illustrated by the genial Togashi Yoshihiro!

Kurapika is my favorite character since the time I was in school (20 years ago)!

He is a very intelligent and sharp guy that uses his abilities to try to solve problems quickly and with the least possible waste of resources. He has the peculiarity that when his emotions overcomes his rationality, his eyes become scarlet, and this characteristic made a lot of evil people searching for those eyes, at the point that actually, Kurapika is the only survivor of the massacre of the Kurta clan, in which he lost his family, his best friend and all his people, that had as the same eyes as him and that were stolen after people were brutally killed.

He knows that people with a tattoo of a spider are responsible of this, so he is looking for them to take revenge. Also, Kurapika's goal is finding all the stolen eyes of his clan, and have them back.

Yes, revenge is what moves Kurapika more than anything else, and when it comes to the Spiders or the Phantom Troupe, he loses sight of everything else in order to hunt them down.

His Nen is fantastic and belongs to the category of Conjuration, but when his eyes turn scarlet, he switches to that of Specialization, and thanks to it he can use any type of Nen at 100% proficiency. This exceptional technique of his is called Emperor Time, but it is as powerful as dangerous, because it has the side effect that for every second it is used, Kurapika loses an hour of his life...

Kurapika has no fear of death and can be very calm and rational, so he does not have any problems using his power to search for information about the assassins of his clan, and to fight against those whom stand against him. The weapon he uses are chains, which, ironically, are also the symbol of his concatenation to revenge and the link with his power, since they are connected with his own heart and represent the limit that he imposes himself to use not them against others other than members of the Phantom Troupe.

Despite being a boy with a heart of gold, when it comes to his revenge he is able to put friendship aside, as happened when Gon was mortally wounded and Kurapika did not even answer Leorio's call, which he wanted to inform him about this.

I love the different facets of Kurapika's complicated and articulate personality, that thanks to his intelligence and perspicacity, always manages to overcome his limits and go further... not too far, I hope, because in the last chapters of the manga the side effects of his Emperor Time made him lose five years of life, and I am really worried that he may die... so I pray with all my heart that he will survive in the end! He has friends, so I'm sure that they won't let him die like this eventually!

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