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    Kobato is a character with a lot of shades! She lives alone with her brother and she's usually dressed as a character of an anime series she likes a lot, called "Kurogane no Necromancer". The character calls herself Reisys VI Felicity Sumeragi and Kobato is not only dressed like her, but she imitates how she acts and how she talks. She even tries to fake her personality, trying to get closer to the character she likes this much.

    It is in the moment that she can't continue to pretend that she comes back at her real self, especially when it comes something about her an-chan Kodaka! She's very jealous of him, and because of this she dislikes Maria, who calls him "onii-chan" and joined the same club he was in, though it was for a high school (she's a middle school student).

    Kobato is a very stubborn girl, but still a child in the meanwhile, and it is because of that that she cries very easily, especially when things don't go as she wants/imagines. She seems to dislike onions and is not very goot at maths. She likes a lot the sea, anyway~

    Aside from Maria, she always feels embarassed because of Sena. I can say that heir relationship is one-sided, since Kobato is kinda stressed everytime that she sees her... She gets along very well with the others, anyway, especially when they make things she likes.

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