Hi! Welcome to " Falling Star ", the TAFL approved fanlisting dedicated to Miyako Kanade , a mysterious and cold character from the series Hoshi wa Utau (better known as Twinkle Stars), created and illustrated by the great Takaya Natsuki!

Kana-chan is my favourite character since the first time I read Hosehi wa Utau, I think he's simply fantastic! He's a strange character that really touched me with his personality. Many people say that he's a stupid good-for-nothing, but we can't know how difficults were in his past. His presence is costant in Sakuya's life and even if he isn't special for the others, he's special for her, that considers him like a star. It's unusual for Kana-chan be considerated a splendid thing like a star, but Sakuya is special and I think that thanks to her he can change himself!

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