Name: Aoi
Surname: Kaji
Voiced by: Mamoru Miyano
Class: 2-2
Age: 17
Birthday: November 12
Blood type: AB


Aoi is one of the new characters that appears in the second game and was introduced later in the chapter 47 of the manga. He's a new student in the General Education department, who transfers to the academy and is placed into Kahoko's class. Before he enetred Seiso, he attended a public boys school that was hard to get into and played tennis. He received several confessions from girls everyday but he refused them all. When he was at the park, he heard Kahoko playing and immediately fell in love with her. After that, he came to that park everyday to come see her but he never saw her again until he saw her beside him while crossing a street. He followed her and he saw her meeting with Ousaki and Len to perform at a store's opening party. He disguised as a mascot so he can go inside and hear Kahoko play. After he entered Seiso he saw Kahoko and kissed her hand. When girls confessed to him he would say, "Sorry, I appreciate your feelings but I am completely dedicated to Hino-san." He would also compliment Kahoko every morning. He previously played the violin but dropped it and now plays the viola because of an incident in the past, it was shown that when Kaji was still a child, he attended in the same class with Tsukimori, Ousaki and Etou. However on the day of the recital, he backed out after hearing Len's music. It was inferiority that broke down his confidence. He first met Kahoko at the local park when he overhears her playing the violin and he was so captivated by it that he openly declares himself her number one fan. He also admits that he doesn’t have confidence in his own performances since he lacked training, but he has very sharp hearing and can easily spot flaws in others’ performances. He is also very fast in tuning his instruments. He addresses everyone politely, as he, like Yunoki was also brought up in a respectable and wealthy family. Aoi, however, was allowed more freedom by his family. He doesn’t get along with Azuma, often exchanging cynical remarks with the upperclassman, and he is perhaps the only one other than Kahoko to know Azuma’s true personality. His grandfather owns a hospital and his father is a politician. His grandfather hopes that he will major in medicine, so that he can someday take over the position as head of the hospital. His parents were alumni of Seiso, which was indirectly revealed when Aoi asked his father to tell him more about the school. Aoi is extremely smart and athletic, though has a rebellious streak of his own.


Informations Source: Wikipedia

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