You're visiting Akenai Yoru wa nai yo, the fanlisting dedicated to Inori ~ You raise me up ~ the Opening Theme of the series Romeo×Juliet, sung by Lena Park.

This song is really meaningful to me, it is one of my favourite among all and the one I won't ever stop to listen to!♥ I think that the words describe in a marvelous way both the series of Romeo×Juliet and myself, maybe it is because of this that I love it so much! *--* I wanted to thank my beloved husband L, because he's the one who made the wallpaper with which I made the layout, it was a present for one of our anniversaries! *--* This is why I left his sign on the right. Thank you again, Eru! *----* *sends love*

Feel free to take a look around and don't hesitate to join if you're a fan of this song!! *--*



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January 02, 2009: Crosslisted at thefanlistings.org! Thanks Wapiko! *-*
December 31, 2009:
I've completed all the sections! :)
December 30, 2009:
The fanlisting is working! >_<
December 29, 2009:
The layout is up! :D

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