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Kiryuu Ichiru & Itou Shizuka



Surname: Ichijou
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Green
Affiliation: Cross Institute - Night Class
Age: 18 years-old
Height: 184 cm.

Strong point (subject): social sciences
Weapon: japanese sword (katana)
Special power: demolish objects/bodies at molecular level (destroy the form of things)
Social position in the vampire society: noble
Family: father (actor), mother (head of a school of flower arrangement
(ikebana)), grandfather (Asato)
Favourite food: everything is OK
Esteemed person: my mother (okaa-sama), Kiryuu-kun
Favourite sentence: suki koso mono no jouzu nare (one gets good at doing the very thing one likes)
Favourite type: "Since I'm really tired of looking at beautiful women ~, if it's a person who fit conversation, anyone is fine! "
Hobbies: comic storytelling (rakugo), reading (manga, mistery,
dictionaries), tea
Way of spending the days of holiday: waiting for those moments throughout all the day, doing the things I'm keen about all the day, and sometimes doing the job of vice-chief od the dormitory.
Favourite fashion: high quality casual clothes.



Profile souce: Official Vampire Knight Fanbook
Translation by Juri okaa-san , thank you very much!

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