Feel the blood

What's happened?


Ichijou starts the story as a smiling and good vampire that seems all but a vampire (since he quietly lives in the morning LOL), he's funny and shining, a positive character that always has a funny word for all and that always offer a hand to who is in difficult.

In a first time we know him as a very strange vampire (he isn't afraid from the light and he doesn't sleep all the day) with very strange tastes (he lives his days reading manga), that lives a very strange life (it's normally for him to do the life of the humans).
Yuki knows a gentle and kind person that always tales care of her, and that is respected from all because he's Kaname's best and closest friend.
This is one of the reasons why we can understand how special he is. Isn't simple be appreciated by Kaname, eh!

But he has a dark side and we can't know what he's thinking. Behind his gentle smile there is a strong fighter that uses his katana with brilliance and ability.
Ichijou was educated by his grand-father, an arrogant and antisocial old man that (luckily) is his antithesis. Even if Asato commanded him to verify Kaname's actions, Ichijou really doesn't care about his words and follows Kaname as his best friend, with sincerity and loyalty.

He's a older brother for Shiki and many times he decides to stay by his side even if this means be against his grandfather. Ichijou's heart is big and sweet, he can smile his friend with funny comments or weird discussion, as the time in which he goes in vacation with them. He loved humans and he believes in Cross' desire to realize a place into both of vampires and humans can live together in peace.This is the reason why he decided to face his grandfather in order to stop him from the crazy plan to destruct all the beautiful things that the Cross Gakuen mades in that years. He REALLY believe in Kaname and in the humanity, sharing a bit of the philantropy of Cross.

His development is very interesting, he's a kind guy but he can be cruel and serious at the right moment. I think that we need to know many aspects of his past and childhood that let him become the character we know. And this is the reason why I made two graphics and chose "Even Angels Have a Black Wing" as title of his fanlisting.

In the last part of the story he becomes Sara's toy and now he isn't the same person we knew until his fighting against the grandfather... he's quiet as always but his heart is changed, maybe he's in love with that bitch of Sara and I really haven't idea of what he wants to obtain. >_>


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