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    Ichigo was first introduced in Episode 1 working with her mother and brother in their family's bento shop. After the shop closes, Ichigo insists on helping her mother clean the counter. Ringo tells Ichigo that she needs to find something she wants to do for herself, but Ichigo replies that her dream is to run the bento shop too. She then goes upstairs to find her brother secretly looking at some photos. In an attempt to see, she accidentally spills juice on Raichi's pictures which were revealed to be pictures of Mizuki Kanzaki. Clearly frustrated, Raichi starts telling Ichigo how amazing she is and that he was not able to get tickets for her concert. So Ichigo asks Aoi for some aid and the three of them are able to go to the concert.

    The next day, after seeing Mizuki, Ichigo becomes amazed. Aoi comes over and explains to her about Starlight Academy and how they are going to take the entrance exams together. At first Ichigo is hesitant, but her mother tells her its okay to do what she wants. Ichigo and Aoi start their special training to get into Starlight Academy. On the day of the entrance exams, she chooses the Pink Stage Coord and begins her audition. She uses a special appeal during her audition, which amazes Mizuki and Orihime. She successfully passes the entrance exams with Aoi, marking their start on the path to becoming idols.

    Ichigo completes many auditions with Ran and Aoi, and also is in the movie Stylish Thief Swallowtail with Otome. In Episode 35, she auditions for Tristar with Ran and Aoi, but Ran wins the audition; although Ran leaves Tristar 2 episodes later. Later on, it was announced that Ichigo and Aoi were to be in an idol unit together. Ran joins the unit later. In Episode 39, Tristar and Soleil then merged into a single unit named STAR☆ANIS, with Powa Powa Puririn although Shion Kamiya doesn't join in order to focus on her acting career.

    As time goes on, the Starlight Queen Cup is soon announced, and Soleil begs Johnny to train them like he trained Mizuki, yet only then does Ichigo discover how strict the training Mizuki had gone through. This also lead her to finding out that her mother was Miya, the legendary idol along with Hime in Masquerade. She also obtained her second premium rare coord, the Star Festival Coord with the Starlight Tiara as it's accessory card. She passed the cup until the final, having to match with Mizuki. There, Mizuki won and Ichigo held a special farewell concert. After the concert, she leaves Japan for a new adventure in search of more burning Aikatsu in America.

    At the end of episode 51, Ichigo returns to Japan. She takes Aoi's role as Starlight Academy's representative, then does a Constellation Appeal on the stage, which surprises everyone. Ichigo grows curious about Seira, as she infiltrates Dream Academy to know more. Ichigo and Seira put more intense battles, like in Swing Rock Model Audition, Kouhaku Uta Gassen and Star-Dream Idol Festival-Carnival, which most of them end up in draw.

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