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We know Shizuka for the first time in the third volume of Vampire Knight, when she appears inside the body of Maria Kurenai. It is, unfortunately, sick, so it is very difficult to menage, but she will attend some lessons in the Night Class, attracting antipathy on herself since the first time she shows herself there. She seems a very shy girl with Yuki, but when she stays with vampires, she's totally different: she becomes annoying and cynical. What she wants, at the begin, is to talk with Yuki.
People don't talk of her as Shizuka Hio because her name is almost forbidden since it is said that it is unlucky. She appears just two times during the manga. We soon find out that she's the one who bit Kiryu Zero and turned him in her slave, since she's a pure-blood vampire. What we can ask ourselves is: why did she made something like this with a child? She's a member of a very important family, that tried to keep her in a cage, as a bird. When she can't even go out, her parents gave her a slave, he was a human. From the begin, he always looked at her with fury. He was the first person who was not like the others, he was different, something that attracted Shizuka very much. She fell in love with him up to the point that she asked him to go away with her (she wanted to go away from her home because she was engaged to Rido Clan), and he agreed. Was it because he had nothing more to lose? Or was it because he was in love with her too? We'll never know about it, neither Shizuka will, because he was killed by Zero's parents. Due to this fact, she started to go crazy and her revege started from that moment on.
In the same period that Shizuka was looking for the two persons who killed her beloved man, Kiryu Ichiru (Zero's brother) found out that he had no more reasons to be part of his family, since his poor health wouldn't ever allow him to become a hunter. They met each other more than once and started to plot against the people they hate, up to the day that, finally, Shizuka bit Zero and killed his parents. From that moment on, Ichiru will never leave her side.
When she's back inside Maria Kurenai's body, she wants to to kill Kaname Clan using Yuki (that for him is the most important person): she then talks with her and says that there are two ways to save Zero's life from becoming a Level E Vampire, but the thing she wanted the most is Kaname's death. Yuki, obviously, can't kill him and decides to give Shizuka her own body, but Zero will interrupt their meeting, starting a fight against Shizuka. During this battle, she will tell him that he can't kill her because he's just a slave, and in fact, Zero's Bloody Rose couldn't make nothing against her. Since her body was starting to get seriously injuried, Ichiru decided to show himself and meet his brother, while Shizuka went away from that room. Kaname will wait for her and, after talking with her for a while, he will get her heart with his own hands, killing her.
Shizuka knew that this would happen. She remained alive up to the moment in which Ichiru reached her. She talked with him, letting him understand that she loved him very much. She let him drink her blood to heal his health, but she never let him become a vampire, because she wanted his happiness. She will die in his arms, with the smile on her face.
Talking about her personality, I can say that she's an autocratic person, who tries to fulfil everything she wants. She's very mature but vengeful at the same time. She just wanted to be happy with the person she loved. She was a very romantic person, I think; we can see it even with Ichiru's relation. But when she cared about a person, she didn't wanted to show it properly, she prefered to hide this emotion and keep it just for herself, because, she didn't wanted to create again the same situation she had with her first love. She's always very quiet in every moment I envy this part of her personality XD.
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