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Name: Masaomi
Surname: Heike
Height: 180 cm
Birthday: 11th February
Blood: AB
Power: Light
Code: 02

A classmate of Sakura's, and the Student Council Secretary. Though at first believed to be the one orchestrating the execution of yakuza children, he is later revealed to be the Code:02 and backup for Rei and Toki. He is referred to by the other Code:Breakers as the Judge, as he makes sure that the Code:Breakers are not using their powers just to kill for fun. However, unlike the other Code:Breakers he dislikes the idea of killing his targets, stating that "life is precious". So not to kill he ties up his targets in bondage, seeing it as a form of art as he constantly carries a book about bondage. He has the ability to manipulate light, using it to form a whip, or connect himself to a phone jack to relay and download information with his mind; he also appears to be able to move at the speed of light, as seen when he intercepted a fleeing Toki after Toki made fun of his absence of eye brows. Though he is extremely powerful, as his coat acts as a limiter (similar to Rei's ring), where once removed he was able to destroy half of Yuuki's house in an instant. It is currently unknown what side-effects he suffers whenever he loses his powers. Heike mentions that he assumes a form that shouldnt be seen in public when he loses his powers and calls Toki a weirdo when he sees it. He has a few odd attributes, as for no reason he will set up a table, from the classroom hallways to the middle of a forest, to sit down and have tea, it is also pointed out by Toki he is the Code:Breaker with the most secrets and he has no eyebrows. His addition to the Code of Hammurabi is "And Eternal Shackles for the Wicked". While he doesn't like killing the living, he wouldn't hesitate to kill the dead corpses Hitomi controlled, he changed his addition to the Code of Hammurabi to "The Eternal Sleep for the Dead ("Shisha ni wa Towa no Nemuri wo?)". So far he is the only Code:Breaker to have two additions to the Code of Hammurabi.

Special Technique

* Great Fantasy - Used to connect himself to a phone jack to relay and download information with his mind.
* Eternal Binding of Death - Traps the enemies mind within an eternal illusion of death.
* Death Reaction - Used to move fast enough to cut bullets with his whip faster than others can react.

Informations Source: Wikipedia

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