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Hi! Welcome to "Tea of Judgement", the TAFL approved fanlisting for Heike Masaomi , the totally crazy, no conventional, incredible and charming character from the series Code: Breaker, created and illusrated by the awesome Akimine Kamijyo!

Heike is my favourite character, I love his totally crazy personality!
This guy is one of the most strange characters of the series. He's always serious and elegant in every his act, but he's a comic character too, because he appears in the most strange moments set in a table and drinking tea! XD He has an answer for any question and he never loses his quietness.
He's the code 02, and since the number of the Code: Breakers determines their power, Heike's power is one of the most great, second only at the n.01.

His power is light, and he can destruct a palace just releases it. But this is an extrem case, usually he fights with a whip of light, and it's more than sufficient to defeat his enemies.
Obviously, day by day they're always stronger, so Heike need to fight using a major part of power.
Inizially he's presented as a judge, that in every situations ranks the Code: Breakers adding or removing points from their personal files. And he can works just set drinking his beloved tea! XD This is the reason why I chose "Tea of Judgement" as title!

Please, choose a link from the right to fully access the site, and if you're a fan of Heike, feel free to join his fandom!




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