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Name: Haruna
Surname: Wakazato
Age: 18
Birthday: March 30
Height: 173 cm
Blood Type: 0
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Band: High×Joker
Position: Drummer
Hobbies: Making Hair and Make-Up
He Likes: Donuts, Sweets
Voice Actor: Shirai Yusuke



Haruna is the light music drummer of the five-high school band High×Joker. He's a sweet, curious boy who loves food, especially sweets like donuts. Haruna is 18 while the rest of the members' ages range from 15-16 due to him being held back in school twice. That's why he joined with the club to help study with them for exams and become an idol.

Before he joined the club and became an idol, he used to take a variety of part-time jobs such as a security guard and a construction site worker. While he's not strong academically, he's good at speaking English as he communicates with the foreigners without hesitation during events. He's also skilled with doing hair and make-up. Despite his position as the least mobile member of the group due to being seated at a drum set, his strongest stat is Dance, though he gets to be the star at the "Hip Hop Dance Battle" event.


Information Source: Wikia

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