The leader of the Kusaribe Clan also known as the "Magician of Beginnings" with the task of protecting the "Tree of Beginnings" which is the source of the magic used by her clan. Betrayed by her aide Samon, who intends to halt the Tree of Beginnings' advent by having the Tree of Zetsuen resurrected first, she is left stranded in a barrel which was washed ashore of a desert island. She uses the last remains of her magic to create a pair of wooden dolls with one of them thrown inside a bottle to the sea and the other in her posession. The doll is found by Mahiro, and she uses it to communicate with him, giving him and Yoshino instructions to confront the Kusaribe Clan and prevent the return of the Tree of Zetsuen.
    Later it is revealed that Hakaze had long died before she makes contact with Mashiro and Yoshino, and the doll in their possesion is connecting them with a Hakaze from before she perishes in the island and her remains are recovered by Samon. By using the connection between the dolls, Hakaze manages to escape the island and transfer herself from the past to the present by using her powers to send her body to the present except her skeleton which is left behind in the island for Samon to find, just to have her past body and present skeleton successfully rejoined in the current time, thus allowing her to return to life without violating the space-time continuum.
    Hakaze's setup and behavior includes allusions to Prospero, the main character from Shakespeare's play The Tempest, who just like her, is a magician betrayed by his servants and left for dead on a desert island.

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