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    Maria is an adorable girl that amazed me a lot during the series (and who knows, maybe in the last episodes she will do the same). I really never thought that she would end up giving up on everything, even with the love of her life for a friend. This is a thing that astonished me so much... and let me very sad. Anyway, I think that it's really a demonstration of a deep devotion she has for the people she loves. She has a very bright personality and she always makes what she can in order to do her best with studies and friends, especially with Saki-chan that is the person she loves the most. I always thought she was the brighter character of the series because she was always there when someone needed, especially Mamoru that was always so scared... T.T She never gave up the hope to be happy until the end, but I think she did the best thing she could, in order to don't have any kind of regret. She's very skilled with her power and I like it a lot, since I personally think that flying is one of the most marvelous thing in the world! ❤

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