About her


Name: Asako
Surname: Natsume
Likes: Internet Life
Dislikes: Boys

She is a girl in the same class as Shizuku and Haru. She has poor grades, and does not have any friends outside of the internet. She primarily has an online life with mostly online friends. She initially asks Shizuku to help her with the retake test in order to pass, excusing her from remedial classes allowing her to attend a community gathering to meet her online friends. Shizuku initially refuses, but Haru decides to help her in exchange to attend the community gathering. However, she has difficulty understanding Haru's tutoring, causing Shizuku to eventually teach her. Regardless, the community meeting does not go well and her grades remain as is. Natsume treasures her friendship with Shizuku and Haru very much, also displaying slight/occasional possessiveness in their romantic relationship, if something were to interfere. She was bullied and ostracized by her friends and classmates in the past, due to her popularity with the boys. She falls in love with Mitsuyoshi Misawa and is often comforted by Sōhei Sasahara when her love attempts fail. However, due to her major insecurities about boys, she has gotten into fights with Sasayan at times because she thinks his gestures of comfort (something she had never received before without an alterior motive) are his attempts to woo her, thus in her mind he considers her worthless. She is shocked when Sasayan confesses his love for her, and unsure how to handle a love confession from a close friend (even though he said he is okay just staying friends, due to his knowledge that she is still in love with Mitsuyoshi).


Informations Source: Wikipedia

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