Hi! Welcome to Elixir of Immortality, the official TFL and TAFL approved fanlisting for Firo Prochainezo, one of the heroes of the great novel, manga and anime Baccano!, created by Ryohgo Narita and animated by Brains-Base and Aniplex!

Firo is the young boss of Camorra (Italian Mafia), an eccezional and rapid boy that fights his battle with intelligence and honour, and in privat life he's a good and loyal friend, that can sacrifice his life for the safety of his allies. Firo isn't just a classic hero that lives for fight, he's a funny and nice person that loves to stay with his friends, and yes, with his lover.
Firo's feelings for Ennis are something sweet and strong, he wants to protect her even if in a first time they were enemies. And he saved her life, giving her a future! We can say that they're fated!


The original owner of Firo's fanlisting is the sweet Janice, that let me adopt it in November 2008. A special thanks and hug to her!! I'm very proud and happyyy to own this fanlisting!!

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