About Sytry  






Name: Sytry
Human Name & Surname: Sytry Cartwright
Rank: Prince
Height: 165 cm
Weight: 50 kg


Sytry is the third demon that William meets.
He arrives in the Human World because of an Isaac summon, but Sytry adfirm that it's not because of him if he's here. The real reason is that he wanted to meet William, the successor of Solomon, and become the new successor of Lucifer (only Solomon can decide this kind of important role).
William can't accepet his existence, but Sytry decides to live in the Human World and to stay close to William in order to convince him.........one day.

Sytry loves biscuits and sweets, he can't resist to eat in every moment. Also, even if his rank is Prince, he's not elegant or set apart, he's rough and arrogant (as a lot of demons LOL).

In past he was a fallen angel, but after his transformation in demon, he lived as Balberith's favorite, fighting for him.
He hates Dantalion because he's a Nephilim (a demon of low level that became that killing humans) and he calls him "Balberith's puppet".

Dantalion adfirm that Sytry is like a doll and he acts not because of his will but because of Balberith's will.

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